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Beatriz Torró Terol


Pol. Industrial Jaime I s/n. 46640 Mogente (Valencia)

+34 662 382 760

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Our best secret:

The hands of expert craftsmen

1 The wish to expand horizons and open new markets, as the company name implies, is still one of the main hallmarks of Expormim, which currently exports to over 40 countries on the five continents. Another main identity trait is the handcrafted work and the skilful weaving coming from expert hands. This is now part of its precious know-how and is present in pieces made of rattan as well as in the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan designs made of synthetic fibers.

A particular skill in hand-weaving based on intuition and experience that gives expressiveness and emotional value to all of its collections.


1 © By José Sánchez and extracted from the Hábitat Paper magazine. June 2011.

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Our best secret:

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